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Annual Hospitality Scholarships

Each year, the Springfield Hotel Lodging Association awards scholarships to MSU and OTC students studying in the Hospitality Industry.

Springfield Hotel Lodging Association Scholarship Application



1)        Name_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                            First                                                   Middle                                             Last


2)         Birthdate_________________                    EMAIL:_________________________________________________________________________________________


3)         Address___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



                                        City                                                    State                             ZIP                                  Phone


Please indicate the name(s) of the scholarship(s) for which you are applying:     (SHLA and/or Jim Prentice Memorial)








4)                My career focus is:                      Food/beverage_____               Lodging_____           Club Management_____                     Tourism______        Senior Living_____        General Operations_____                     Event Planning______


5)                How many hours of credit have you currently completed?  _________________________________________  Total credit hours completed___________________                Cumulative GPA (including transfer credit)____________


7)                When do you anticipate your graduation date?     Fall             Spring       Summer                       Year_________



8)                School and community activities:  List organizations to which you belong, any offices held and appropriate dates.  You may attach a separate page for additional activities.     

                             Organization Name                                     Offices Held (dates in office)                                 Dates of Membership

a.                _______________________________              ____________________(_____________)                    from_________/to_____________

b.                _______________________________              ____________________(_____________)                    from_________/to_____________

c.                _______________________________              ____________________(_____________)                    from_________/to_____________       

d.                _______________________________              ____________________(_____________)                    from_________/to_____________

e.                _______________________________              ____________________(_____________)                    from_________/to_____________

f.                 _______________________________              ____________________(_____________)                    from_________/to_____________       

9)                Special Recognition/Achievements:  list awards and honor received. You may attach a separate page if need.










10)              Describe your academic goals, work history within the industry and career plans.  Attach a separate page if need.
























I consent to the release of the above information provided for the purpose of evaluation by the SHLA Scholarship Committee or their appointed representatives.  If selected, award amount will be made out to recipient and MSU or OTC (as enrolled) to be deposited in recipient’s student account.



Signature:__________________________________________________________________________________________  Date:________________________________________________________





Email your appliation to by the application deadline of Friday, October 23, 2020.

Interviews will be the first week of November.